5 Ways To Find A Great Guy

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Guys are funny beings and even though they don’t believe it they can be very dramatic and ‘diva-ish’ (the only way to describe them) but we love them anyway!

They are wonderful beings who gets turned on or off by insignificant (or so we think) things. There are trends guys love (and loathe too much/loud make-up ranks first) you will find them interesting you no idea.

1) The Jumpsuit.

Guys love this trend, a report revealed they find they subtle masculinity it brings very sexy! So ladies rock your jumpsuits

2) The High Rise Skinny Jeans

Girls, guys love the high waist skinnies too! They love the slimming effect and the fact that it accentuates the curves giving off a hourglass

3) Pant Suits

Believe it ladies, guys love the sexy commanding feminine appeal the pant suit oozes! Get your pant suits out ladies.

4) Men Inspired Button Down Shirts

Reports revealed when men see a lady in a men’s shirt their mind unconsciously thinks you are wearing theirs which they find incredibly sexy and attractive.

5) Oversized Tops

Guys love oversize tops (of course well styled and appropriate) on ladies just because ‘it feels like an innocent little girl playing with clothes’ they love the oversize trend.

So girls now you know more things guys love! Work them and be sure to tell us what you think; we also promise to keep rocking all those trends afterall they are in trend and we love us some brothers too (yes, we are shameless)!


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