Facebook Working On New App – ‘Paper’

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Facebook Paper wants to change the way you interact with your news feed. The Paper seems to lack Messenger and Events functionality. Though for some, having Facebook Paper serve up status updates, photos and videos is all you need.

Many thought the Facebook Paper app would be a way to solely consume news. Which isn’t entirely wrong — as the video shows there is a section for the latest headlines. Though it’s probably similar to the current system: if you Like a news publication, their updates show up in your feed.

The project is the first to come from Facebook’s Creative Labs — a new initiative to “innovate and build new things.” Which makes sense if the company is planning to ramp up the amount of apps they offer. The goal of Facebook Paper isn’t to replace the main app, but to stand alongside it. With certain functionality missing, iOS users may have to fall back on the original app from time to time but we see Paper being everyone’s main way of browsing their news feed. At first blush some may question the decision to not just make this the new version of the full Facebook app. With a change this stark it may be best to make something like this available to those who specifically seek it out. Folks already have a hard enough time embracing changes to Facebook.com, even though they usually forget about in no time. It is good to see the king of social networks put an effort into staying relevant however. Especially since people these days are ditching Fb for other services. Maybe Facebook Paper will give a new generation of mobile users something to Like.


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